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Specific neurological spinal assessments & Chiropractic care

By removing neurological interference from the brain and nervous system, we can restore proper function within the central nervous system reducing many symptoms and problems you may experience.

Within our office, we use spinal manipulation via multiple techniques, heat and stem therapy, as well as active therapies to ensure the best results.

Patients see results with;

Chronic or acute pain, overall stress and tension reduction, improved sleep, headache reduction, overall improved quality of life, and so much more

Cupping and soft tissue work

Cupping therapy is beneficial for increasing blood circulation, to relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, increase mobility, reduce pain and inflammation & more!

Graston technique therapy is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). This allows precise detection and release of fascial restrictions along the kinetic chain.

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Gut restoration and Detox

CellCore Biosciences promotes the body’s natural ability to detox through the utilization of Carbon Technology.* We are dedicated to providing you with the products, support, and education to help you understand how to approach root cause solutions in a whole new way.

With a focus on detoxing metals, parasites, mold, all while supporting the body’s natural ability to rid toxins and boost the immune system and energy.

Great for mood support, energy boost, gut restoration, bloat removal, and so much more.

Ask your Dr.s during your visit about how to get started

Start your 8 week core and pelvic floor restoration course now!  

This course is designed to help mothers through pregnancy, postpartum and more. It is designed to be slow, and educational. We want to make sure these exercises are done properly to prevent injury. We will be going over breath-work, core stability, gluteus activation, proper posture and so much more. This course is for anyone looking to get back into working out, but may not know exactly where to start. It can be done as soon as you are ready postpartum. Please note that this course expires after 6 months, this is to ensure you get the results you are looking for by completing the exercises!

What they have said

“10/10 would recommend!”

“Love it! Great energy, and focus on making sure the exercise is done correctly!”

“I learned so much about my own core”

“Every mother should take Dr. Taylor’s core and pelvic floor course”

Prenatal and postpartum resources

Doctor recommend resources, a mock birthing plan, 20 positive birth affirmation's, third trimester tips, and more. We hope this information helps you in your journey of becoming a mother, whether this is the first or fourth, we hope this information provides you with knowledge and support.

Direct access to our supplement recommendations

Safe and trusted products with a higher bioavailability, safer ingredients, and trusted across the US.

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